Nintendo Switch gets 4 popular Resident Evil games

Capcom has announced that four beloved games in the Resident Evil series are finally coming to the Nintendo Switch. For the most part, the entire Resident Evil series is already playable on Switch. However, many of the latest installments in the franchise have had previous releases on this platform over the past two years. Fortunately for Switch owners, this is finally about to change in the near future.

Capcom announced in conjunction with new Direct today, and confirmed it Resident Evil 2And the Resident Evil 3And the Resident Evil 7And the Resident Evil Village They’re all headed to the Nintendo Switch. These titles will start arriving next month when Resident Evil Village It became the first game in the group to land on the Switch. Release dates and windows for the other three titles have not yet been determined. What has been confirmed, however, is that all four of these Resident Evil games will be playable strictly via the cloud. This means that players will need to stream games to the Switch instead of downloading them locally to the console.

As mentioned, perhaps the biggest deal around Resident Evil 2And the Resident Evil 3And the Resident Evil 7And the Resident Evil Village Coming to the Nintendo Switch is that it makes it possible to access almost the entire mainline series on the platform. For a long period of time, like games vampireAnd the Resident Evil 4And the Resident Evil 5, and many other spin-offs on the Switch. While other entries like Resident Evil: Veronica Code It seems like they won’t be porting to the Switch anytime soon, so it’s still great to see that Capcom has focused on making this franchise so easily playable. While many other games from the past are still stuck on older platforms, these continued ports are most welcome.

Looking to play any of these Resident Evil games on Switch by yourself? And how do you feel about these titles being cloud versions? Let me know for yourself either in the comments or connect with me on social media at Trustworthy.


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