Apex Legends Nerfs pay-to-win skin

The Apex Legends update released earlier in the week launched a new event with plenty of cosmetics for players afterward, but that same update also damaged what are often considered the best weapon skin in the game: The Flatline’s Heat Sink skin. Aside from just looking better than any other weapon look placed next to it, Heat Sink also had great iron sights that players felt gave them a competitive advantage when using them. However, it is precisely this feature that has now been deprecated.

Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts addressed the heat sink change in a separate post from the patch notes for the latest update. Within the “iron sights update,” the couple said they’ve updated the core sights of the heat sink. Other skins have also been updated with players’ comments (or complaints, depending on whether you own the skin or not) acknowledged about the improved iron sights that the heat sink has.

“Competitive integrity is and always will be a mainstay of Apex Legends. As part of that, our virtual iron sights are designed to drive players to loot for better visuals,” the EA post said. “We also believe that skins shouldn’t be a factor in the functionality of the scenes either. During Season 4 we released the interactive heat sink skin for the VK-47 Flatline rifle and heard feedback from some players that Aim Down Sights (ADS) is better than any other skin available.”

The below collages have been shared by EA to show what the iron sights used to look like and how they look now after the update. You will notice that the gap left by the previous version of the iron sights has mostly closed since then. Something similar was done for another Flatline leather, Revelations, which has already been polished since the fins on its side no longer create such blind spots.

“We believe that any competitive advantage in Apex Legends should be gained through honing your skills and not due to any perceived advantages from purchasing weapon skins,” the EA post said in the conclusion. As our good friend Cobain Plessic said: ‘You’re killing me, you’re better. I’ll kill you, I’m better. “We hope that players who own these skins will appreciate these improvements and support us as we work to keep Apex Legends fun and fair.”

Rumors have been circulating about the return of the heat sink via a recolor that is supposed to come to the store in the future, so it will be interesting to see how popular the rumored recolor will be after these “dips.”


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