The Berber director addresses the possibility of Prequel or Sequel

Thanks in large part to the shocking revelation halfway through its runtime, the audience was wondering if barbaric You could get a follow-up movie, either with a prequel or a sequel, although director Zach Cregger doesn’t think that’s in the cards. While he doesn’t rule out the possibility of a good idea for a sequel at some point in the future, he confirmed that it doesn’t seem likely, while also noting that a pre-show seems equally unlikely, but that depends on the world to be explored in such a movie. . barbaric In theaters now.

Cregger shared with “So there’s a big twist around the 40-minute mark and I’m always eagerly waiting for that moment. It’s my favorite moment.” “Barbarian 2, not mine. It won’t happen to me. Never say never, I could have a great idea tomorrow and be out of the races, but I doubt it.”

in barbaric, a young woman travels to Detroit for a job interview and books a rental house. But when you arrive late at night, you discover that the house is twice booked, and a strange man is already staying there. She decides to spend the evening despite her better judgment, but soon discovers that there is much more to fear than just an unexpected house guest.

Krieger spoke in more detail about the potential future of the franchise while talking to him The Hollywood Reporternoting that the pre-show will likely focus on one of the film’s most distracting members.

Warning: spoilers below for barbarism

“I don’t think I’m necessarily interested in a contest at the moment. I think he should tell Frank’s story [Richard Brake]and, personally, I’m not interested in making a movie about a man who kidnaps women,” Cregger co-opted with the executor. I’m more than happy that this is the right place for another story like barbaric Ho, but I don’t want to watch that guy for an hour and a half. I could think of everything wrong. Maybe I’ll change my tune, but for now, no. There’s a sequel I’m kidding about and would like to watch, which will be “Mother” surviving her gunshots and forced to integrate into society. She can attend a community college, get a learner pass, and get a Tinder profile. that would be fun. I was going to watch this movie. I don’t know if I’ll do it, but I’d like to see it.”

barbaric In theaters now.

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