Kanye West starts a legal battle with Gap and Elon Musk’s attorney Alex Spiro in his corner

Kanye West started his legal battle against Gap clothing brand He worked as a lawyer with Alex Spiro, a lawyer for the CEO of Tesla, so that he could legally strike the difference About the clothes they “isolated” according to West.

newly you make a deal with Gap Stores So he can design Yeezy group As for the store, they recently terminated their contract, due to a mismatch of visions, and this includes Yeezy sunglasses which they have been promoting lately.

Ye set was supposed to be in the $20 price range

During the interview, he stated that the main reason for the breakup was due to Gap’s desire to overprice the group, while West declined to be in $20 range.

She posted on social media that his creations were hijacked

She went to Instagram and posted the following message addressed to Gap, “Give me all the clothes they’re holding hostage in the office and in the laundry rooms.”

Everyone knows I’m the leader, I’m the king

Kanye West

It is now known that Ye has ended his partnership with the differenceand his team released a statement saying, “Gap left you no choice but to terminate their cooperation agreement due to Gap’s significant non-compliance,”

while, you He spoke freely in a very Western style. “Everyone knows I’m the leader, I’m the king,” he told CNBC while explaining, “A king can’t live in someone else’s castle. A king has to make his own.”

On the other hand, the head of Gap had a different story that is not really contradictory, but they have not yet revealed the real reasons for the breakup between the two creative teams.

President Gap issued a statement

Mark Brittbard writes: “While we share a vision to deliver utilitarian, high-quality, on-trend design to all people through unique holistic experiences with Yeezy Gap, the way we work together to achieve this vision is incompatible. Below the partnership,”


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