TV host sleeps in front of the camera 14 hours after broadcasting from Buckingham Palace

aAustralian television presenter Alison Langdon She was seen sleeping in front of the camera amid a lengthy coverage she had done for her The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on Monday.

TV presenters from all over the world were reporting live on buckingham palace, However, one cannot keep her eyes completely open after hours in front of the camera.

It’s no secret that journalists have been working around the clock since the Queen’s death. Covering everything from her funeral to any Royal public outing.

The 43-year-old Australian presenter She used a rolled-up jacket as a pillow while resting her head down on her colleague’s lap when she took a picture.

She later shared on her Instagram story, jokingly saying, “It’s 14. It’s all right.”

Earlier in the day, Alison Langdon published a post describing the “privilege” of being able to cover Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral.

“The privilege of watching the late Queen’s last departure from Buckingham Palace. A woman who meant so many things to so many people. What a farewell,” she said.

“Channel Five deserves a lot of respect for this,” One person wrote on Twitter. “Broadcasting an entire day’s worth of content to the kids and family to give us a break from wall-to-wall blues is a great move.”


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