I’m running now on Disney +

The next chapter in the ever-expanding universe of Star Wars has finally arrived. Star Wars: Andorprequel series for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, has also been in the works at Lucasfilm for some time. Now, the series has finally debuted on Disney+, and Star Wars fans can tell how much AndorThe franchise version of . is different The Mandalorian And the Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Andor It was originally supposed to debut last month. It was postponed, but eventually a larger first show was made. Instead of releasing one episode of Andor this morning, Disney+ has released the first three of season one. Fans will get a good chance to see a large part of the story on the first day.

Season 1 of Andor It will consist of 12 episodes, and a second season of the same length is already in preparation. In general, the story will be told over 24 chapters.

The series aims to explore Cassian Andor’s story, diving deep into the early years of the Rebellion in the process. Luna, reprising his role from rogue oneHe says the series will show how he became a central figure in the fight against the empire.

“We’ll answer that and many other questions,” Luna told ComicBook.com. “He talks about his participation in this battle since he was six years old rogue one. He talks about a very dark past. He talks about doing terrible things for the revolution. We’ll get to know what it means, you know? Tony Gilroy’s writing is really interesting and complex. And I don’t think people know exactly what I’m talking about. Like, I didn’t either. When I read the article and his presentation and ideas, I was like, “Wow, that’s cool.” It’s, in essence, what I had in mind when I was playing the role, but it’s clear how that happens and the specifics and context are so rich and interesting to watch.”

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