Original Hillraiser star Doug Bradley turns down cameos in new reboot

Actor Doug Bradley first appeared as Cenobite in the original HillriceHe reprized his role seven more times in subsequent sequels, but Hulu’s next director, David Bruckner, confirmed that Bradley had turned down a cameo in the film he was offered. It is currently unclear if Bradley has been offered the opportunity to appear as a demonic character in the new adaptation of Cliff Parker. hell heart Or if he would come across as a more human-like character, though apparently Bradley is happy to allow a whole new generation to put his own spin on this universe. the new Hillrice It lands on Hulu on October 7.

“We reached out to Doug, we wanted to somehow make him appear in the movie, but in the midst of a pandemic, I don’t know, he also respectfully wanted to leave his legacy with the character and you can’t argue with that,” Bruckner confirmed. Jake takes.

Other than being the main character of the demonic synops in the original movie, the villain Bradley has earned the nickname “Pinhead” among fans due to his skull being completely covered with nails. in Hellbound: Hellraiser IIBradley debuted without his monstrous makeup, as this movie showed how the human form transformed into a Cenobite. Bradley’s last appearance as a character was in 2005 Hellraiser: Hellworld, a project whose origins were not in franchise myths and was subsequently adapted to incorporate those elements. sequel Hellraiser: Revelation And the Hellraiser: Judgment New actors appeared to take on the role of Pinhead.

while coming Hillrice Certainly referred to as a reboot among some fans, it’s technically a new adaptation of Parker’s original story. The first film based on the story was in 1987 directed by Parker himself, and while the source material describes Synopty as genderless, the director chose to cast Bradley in the role. However, there are different details in hell heart The allusion to the character having more feminine features, inspiring Bruckner to honor that material faithfully by casting actress Jamie Clayton in the role.

In the years since leaving Pinhead behind the screen, Bradley has worn intense makeup for numerous selfie opportunities.

the new Hillrice It lands on Hulu on October 7.

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