Johnny Depp is romantically involved with one of the lawyers involved in the Amber Heard trial

aAccording to media reports, Johnny Depp In a romantic relationship with one of his lawyers who was present during his ex-wife’s trial Amber Heard.

This is not to the disappointment of many Camille Vasquez.

Who is Johnny Depp’s new girlfriend?

The lawyer’s name is Joel Rich And according to many media outlets, both deep And the rich In a relationship for months.

Joel Rich an actress Johnny Depp in a defamation suit against The Sun in the United Kingdom.

rich She resides in London and is still married to her ex-partner. However, they have been separated for some time.

Rumors between Johnny Depp and Camille Vazquez

During the defamation trial in the United States v. Amber HeardRumors spread about their alleged relationship Johnny Depp and his attorney, Camille Vasquez.

However, they were just expressions of affection that did not go beyond friendship, they both said.

“I care a lot about my clients, and obviously we’ve become very close,” Camille Vasquez He said “People” in June. “But when I say we, I mean the whole team, and that includes of course johnny. “

for VasquezHaving a romantic relationship with a client is “unprofessional”.

Vazquez added to the romantic rumours, “It’s also an immoral accusation. It’s sexist.”

“It’s unfortunate and frustrating, but normal at the same time. I can’t say I was that surprised.”

Joel Rich to appear at Amber Heard’s trial

Showed several pictures Joel Rich Inside the courtroom where the trial between them Johnny Depp And the Amber Heard takes place.

rich He wasn’t part of .’s legal team deepLatest trial. However, she was present in court to show support. That was the case, that there are pictures of Rich cuddling Vasquez itself.

A source also told “Page Six”, “There was no professional obligation for her to be there” and also confirmed that the two had been meeting “discreetly” in hotels at the beginning of their romance.

It is worth noting that Joel Rich Does not reside in the United States.


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