Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid Remake Laker admit to making up rumors

A prominent leaker admitted to making up rumors about Silent Hill and a hard lime metal remake. Despite not making a proper AAA game in years, Konami is still one of the most talked about game publishers in the world. They hold the keys to some of the industry’s most beloved franchises and have broken the hearts of gamers everywhere by effectively shutting them down for the foreseeable future. It pretty much all started when Konami canceled silent hills, a new entry in the franchise from Hideo Kojima. The game has now been canceled after the infamous PT The demo has received near-universal acclaim. Metal Gear Solid was also largely left by the wayside after Kojima left the franchise after a conflict with the publisher.

For years, the return of these two franchises has been rumored throughout the industry. A prominent insider with a good track record known as TheRealInsider suggested that a new Silent Hill game and a new version of hard lime metal will happen. However, there is one small problem: TheRealInsider has been exposed as a YouTuber by the name of DanAllenGaming. A YouTuber has admitted breaching nondisclosure and ban agreements to leak things he knows after being invited to industry events. He also confirmed that he made up things like rumors about Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid, going so far as to say they were “bullshit.” DanAllenGaming has since deactivated TheRealInsider Twitter account and his personal Twitter account and confirmed that he will be giving up his channel for some time.

It’s worth noting that other insiders have stated that they’ve heard things about the new Silent Hill games and the release of Metal Gear Solid. Even photos of the former have been leaked over the past few months. Only time will tell if they were right and DanAllenGaming was just riding the wave of other leaks or whether this was all one big hoax. As of now, there’s no indication when Konami might announce a new Silent Hill or Metal Gear Solid game.

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