Disney+ reveals first look at first animation collaboration

Among the shows and films talked about at the D23 Expo earlier this month were the previously announced Pan-African animation series, Iwaji. The series marks a major first for Disney because its setting is not only new to the company, but it’s also their first collaboration with an outside animation studio for Disney+. To create the Disney series, the Kugali entertainment company worked. Kogali filmmakers Olofikyo Zeke Adeola, Hamid Ibrahim and Tolu Olofoiko are an essential part of the story, which is described as a “future depiction” of African nations. You can take a look at the first image of the series below.

According to a press release, Iwájú is set in a world full of color, unique visuals, and technological advancements inspired by the spirit of Lagos, which is effectively divided into a mainland island separated by water and socioeconomic status. The coming-of-age story introduces Tula, a young heiress from the wealthy island, and her best friend Cole, a self-taught technologist and loving son of the mainland.

(Photo: Disney)

“In the beginning of 2019, I saw a news article about a group of storytellers from Nigeria and Uganda,” Jennifer Lee, CCO of Disney Animation, previously said of the series. “The title of this video was ‘Pan-African Comic Books to Kick’s Disney…’ You know what. I was fascinated. It’s here that three talented comic book artists, Tolo Olofoiko, Zeke Nelson and Hamid Ibrahim, founded an entertainment company called Kugali.” Their dream was to bring African stories, created by African artists to the world through comics and animation, highlighting the diversity of cultures, history and voices across the continent. We were amazed by their talents as storytellers. I am proud to announce the first-of-its-kind collaboration, where the team collaborates Kugali and Disney Animation to bring a long-running original series to Disney+.”

Iwaji It is scheduled to be released at Disney+ in 2023. The series was one of several new animated projects that brought it into the spotlight at D23 including the upcoming film Zootopia + Upcoming Anthology Series strange world Feature Film Just Announced desireIt is scheduled to premiere in the fall of 2023.


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