Rick and Morty just went through a complete horror with the latest episode of Season 6

Rick and Morty Fans have been thrilled with the way every new Season 6 character has been researched thus far, but the latest episode of the series has brought the family together on a new adventure! The newest season of the Adult Swim animated series kicked off with an explosive new status quo after all the twists and turns from the end of Season 5, and the focus has been on every member of the family as they shed light on new parts of the characters. But the series has yet to get everything on the same page this season.

This was the main promise that led to Rick and MortyThe fourth episode of the new season where it was annoying that Rick would inject the Smith family with some kind of substance that would move their bodies at night while they slept. Since the new season has yet to join the Smith family all in the same kind of bizarre adventure, it was an intriguing premise that will hopefully lead to a wacky episodic adventure where we’ll see this new Smith family on the same page. Read on for a breakdown of everything important that happened in Episode 4 of Rick and Morty Season 6, “Night Family”:

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  • Beth is having trouble sleeping, so she decides to sleep on the sofa. Here she is afraid of Rick, who is not responding but does a sit-up while in some sort of coma. Bringing it to him the next day, Rick explained that this is actually the “night person” as he injects himself with a machine that activates his body to do the things he wants to do while he sleeps (like doing abdominal exercises). Then Rick gives the rest of his family a person of the night after the highly negative Summer teases him about it.
  • A few days passed and it was revealed that Summer learned Spanish, Beth learned how to play the trumpet, and Morty and Rick gave them abs. The two started creating a podcast to celebrate their new fitness. Meanwhile, Jerry was writing letters to his night copy so he could read them during the day. Then upon seeing the nocturnal family active, they each head to their different activities.
  • This includes doing household chores and more all while passing through the creepy vibes of the night. During the day, they don’t confess to anything until Rick and Morty continues his new fitness podcast. Jerry reveals that Night Summer was asking the Day Family to help make it easier to clean the dishes, but Rick denies this because Night Family’s purpose is to do the tasks assigned to them. But the next day, it was revealed that the Night family had broken all the plates. Heading into the forbidden territory, Rick makes a set of “110% indestructible” boards.
  • The next day, the rest of the Night family pins and wakes Rick and asks him to rinse the dishes, and Night Summer reveals that she is responsible. Here, the Night family grabs Rick and the Night Summer Force feeds him with dirty dishes and reveals that she’s been lurking in Summer’s mind the whole time waiting to take over for Daytime as well. But facing the summer during the day does not produce anything constructive, in fact the Night family has stripped the house of all their possessions and technology.
  • That night, Rick hatches a plan for Summer to sneak into the night family in a sleep deprivation suit to make sure she stays awake. It’s low rent and she needs to stay up all night in order to successfully carry out her plan. During the night, Summer walks into the house and sees the Nocturnal family keep fiddling with Rick’s gear in the garage. They make some kind of machine that will expand the range of the night family machine, and try to destroy it.
  • When Rick lowers his guard, it is revealed that Night Summer has deceived the others and is now awake during the day. Taking the family hostage, she activated Rick’s low-tech machines (which he built to defend them using the remaining technology available) to strike them with sedative arrows. After the commercial break, it was revealed that Night Summer had taken over for several days and had taken over the entire family. Meanwhile, Jerry is still trying to connect with Knight Jerry.
  • Soon, Night Jerry actually wakes up with the family and helps them, but when they try to escape from Rick’s ship, it’s fake to explode. They begin to drive away to escape the range of the family’s nocturnal machine before they fall asleep and are under their control again, but during it all, Morty hits a soothing arrow and falls asleep. Meanwhile, Night Summer is hot on their trail, and Rick is soon driven away by Night Morty and turns into Night Rick as well. Gear bites Morty to wake him up, and soon Beth falls asleep, too.
  • It soon becomes a combination of all of them that fall asleep quickly and wake up just as easily, and after continuing the chase, the Smith family gathers for a reunion awake and in their car. Summer is still packed with darts nearby and sends them to a pit where the family fights fast and mixes day and night versions. Knight Jerry tries to get them to stop the fight, Knight Summer agrees to a truce but all Rick needs is to rinse his dishes. Naturally, he refuses and becomes a nocturnal person as well as the family takes off in the sunset.
  • The credits roll in as Night Family is shown to have all kinds of adventures together while still in a coma, and after the credits, Night Family struggles to deal with all the family life normally and gets away while not paying its bills. Here Night Rick chooses to shoot the night person’s machine and free them all from their stupor. Only to find in horror that Choco Taco has been discontinued.

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