Exclusive Hocus Pocus Thackery Binx Unveiled Funko Pop

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Hocus Pocus 2 is now streaming on Disney+, and Funko is celebrating the occasion with an exclusive Thackery Binx Pop character as a cat sitting atop a Winifred Sanderson spell book. It’s now Listed here in the Funko Store It will be available to order soon. Click “Notfiy Me” to stay up to date on the official launch.

On a related note, during the huge Funk Halloween 2022 event at Funko in May, Spirit Halloween revealed the latest Funko Pop exclusive inspired by the 1993 Disney movie Hocus Pocus. More specifically, it’s based on the Sanderson Sisters’ performance of the song “I Put a Spell On You” in the Halloween party scene.


Hocus Pocus “I Put a Spell on You” Pre-orders is the Moment of the Funko Pop Live here at Spirit Halloween Now for $39.99. Could you Check out their full Hocus Pocus collection here – Including pre-released Funko Pop exclusives like Billy Butcherson, Dani with Binx, and 3-packs of Winifred, Sarah and Mary.

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Disney’s Hocus Pocus was originally released in 1993 and stars Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker as the third wizard to be revived to this day by an unwitting child named Max. While the Sanderson sisters attempt to prepare a potion that will allow them to absorb children’s souls, Max and his friends try to stop them with the help of an immortal black cat named Binx.

While Hocus Pocus was initially considered a box office failure, the film has attracted a large following in the years since. Hocus Pocus 2 brings back Midler, Jimmy, and Parker, along with Doug Jones, who played a former friend who is passionate about witches in the original film. In ComicBook.com’s review of hocus pocus 2Critic Patrick Kavanaugh said the following:

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“Given the ways in which the Halloween season has dominated in recent years, it’s hard to imagine that the original Hocus Pocus initially garnered such a disappointed reaction from audiences. However, hitting theaters in the summer wasn’t a scary effort, nor did it debut Once in the weeks since Jurassic Park’s cinematic dominance around the world.Fortunately, the film’s frequent broadcasts on the Disney Channel and growing home video markets have allowed the film to find its audience over the years, and now that that audience has started having children of their own, Every year that sees the popularity of the movie grow ferocious, so much so that we get a sequel.Hocus Pocus 2 feels like meeting your old friends in the best way, reminding you of the emotional connection you have with the onscreen characters and the many hours you spend with them, but once that magic wears off, You will forget why you were reunited with them in the first place.”


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