Super Mario Bros. Movie Characters Leaked From Early Lists

Unsurprisingly, the currently untitled Super Mario Bros. movie from Nintendo and Illumination has had a few threaded numbers according to some listings that appear to have gone up a bit ahead of schedule. The numbers we already know based on these lists include one each for Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Bowser, and Toad. The only catch is that the images regarding these listings haven’t actually been leaked yet, so we don’t know exactly what these new numbers will look like.

These Super Mario figures come from Jakks Pacific based on the placeholder image used on Amazon with each of their listings MarioAnd the LuigiAnd the Princess PeachAnd the cartAnd the Toad They are all grouped under the “Super Mario Movie” category. Some of the limited details provided through the listings underscore things like the fact that the products will contain “up to 12 points of hidden articulation” and that they all come with a “film accessory.”

The lists are clearly not entirely correct in their details, however, it remains to be seen exactly what each game will consist of. Most say, for example, that they were supposed to be released today on October 1st except for the buggy number which says it will be released on February 26th. Another minor detail shows Bowser’s character weighs more than the rest, but we’d expect nothing less from Mario’s tough opponent.

Jakks already has a variety of Mario characters on her site It’s not related to the movie, so it’s no surprise to see that the game company makes this stuff. It’d be hard to believe that Nintendo would let a Super Mario movie pass without some sort of associated product like this, and one can only imagine we’ll see more in the way of that sort of thing between now and the movie’s April 7.

This release date is the second a Mario movie has had after a delay that pushed it out of 2022. The announcement of the initial release date was accompanied by cast details including confirmation that Chris Pratt will vote Mario. We still haven’t actually seen our first look at the movie and haven’t heard of a Pratt version of Mario yet, but hopefully that will change on October 6th when the first trailer is revealed.



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