Kevin Smith Reveals One Scene The Writers 3 Already Regretted

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Kevin Smith third clerks It finally made it to the big screen after many years of development and a number of different ideas that did not appear in front of the cameras. Although the final trailer for the movie has already been shown (and grossed over $2 million at the box office in just six days, a decent feat for a movie of its size) the writer/director has at least one scene he wishes he could. they change. Smith revealed a lot in a Q&A recently after the movie premiered, CinemaBlend He was present and was able to record his thoughts on the matter, noting that Smith wishes he could make a change to the only scene in which Ben Affleck appeared in the film.

“That’s what I regretted and it was so easy and I should have gone the other way,” Smith revealed. “So, Affleck shows… and then Affleck does a De Niro impression, which is good. He should have had an impression for Matt Damon…. Talking about being that ‘Boston John’ actor, he’s like ‘Ah, De Niro’s’.” my f-ckin’ loadstone. Which should have been ‘Matty Damon my f-ckin loadstone’ and could have done a few lines of good will fishing. I watch it every night and go “Why didn’t I do another draft?”

At some point, one has to wonder whether making this change for the sake of humor would not create a ouroboros out of comedy. As fans will remember, Matt Damon previously appeared in a few Smith films, and appeared in them Chasing Amy, DogmaAnd the jersey girlHe later starred in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Having Ben Affleck, Matt Damon’s true friend, plays a character who drops Matt Damon because his inspiration may have been a bridge too far. Or maybe it will be exactly what Smith’s fans want from his films.

Following his limited theatrical involvement, and Smith’s ongoing tour with the film, Clerks III will be available at Digital platforms start October 14 Followed by the release of 4K Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD on December 6. In a previous interview Smith emphasized that home media sales on his latest film, Jay and Silent Bob Rebootwas the main reason for that third clerks I got the green light.

“Lionsgate still makes DVDs, Blu-rays, and s-t’s,” Smith told the audience at his SDCC this summer. They sold DVDs and Blu-rays from ‘Jay and Silent Bob Reboot’. Apparently enough sold out to reach out to us and say, ‘We’ve sold a lot of DVDs and Blu-rays so if you’d like to have more,’ Jay Bulls and Silent Bob – As long as it’s below that price point, try to do it, the only reason we’d do it was to buy hardware, kids. thank you for that. ”

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