Batman Beyond and Static Shock Crossover announced by DC

Static Shock crosses with Batman Beyond to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Milestone. During DC’s Jim Lee & Friends panel at New York Comic Con on Friday, fans got their first look at Special for Milestone’s 30th Anniversary It was announced that the short story will be included in the anthology that will arrive in 2023 Static Beyond, which features adult Virgil Hawkins/fixed paths crossing with Terry McGuinness/Batman Beyond who is in his early days as a hero. The story will be written and illustrated by Nicholas Draper Ivy, who has taken to social media in more detail.

According to Draper-Ivy, Static Beyond It’ll be set around 2040, which puts Virgil around 35 on the timeline, something he refers to as “Static in his prime.”

Static Beyond It would mark a reunion, of sorts, for the two characters where Static and Batman Beyond first met in the fourth season episode of the beloved animated series. static shockFuture Shock. The characters also appeared in Unlimited Justice League“One thing and the future.”

As for the Special for Milestone’s 30th AnniversaryThe anthology will feature several stories that focus on different characters from the world of Milestone – including Icon, Rocket, and Hardware. The book will feature the works of Chuck Brown (bitter rootAnd the black manta), Stephanie Williams (Nubia: Queen of the AmazonAnd the Amazon trial), Denys Cowan (Batman Confidential), Jasmine Flores Montanez, Draper-Ivey and more.

Additionally, in February 2023, Milestone will launch two additional series. Fixed: Dakota Shadowssequel to 2021 Fixed: Season 1It will see the return of the creative team, Vita Ayala, ChrisCross, and Draper-Ivey. Here’s the summary of the first issue: “Static is back! Although Virgil and his friends may be able to stop the Dakota state prison operations, a powerful new threat lurks in the shadows. A bloody swath has cut through the underworld in a single-minded attempt to find his brother Against this backdrop of explosive violence, innocents find themselves in the crossfire. The creative team of Nicholas Draper Ivy and Vita Ayala are back to present Static and Dakota’s life already so complex – you’ve never felt so traumatized!”

There is also Code vs HardwareWritten by Reggie Hudlin and Leon Chiles. “[The series] pits two primary Milestone superheroes against each other for the sake of the Dakota’s future, as Hardware discovers a time machine and puts it to work changing world history,” per DC.

Are you excited for Batman Beyond and Static to cross over at Milestone’s 30th Anniversary Show? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

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