Nintendo fans are begging for a movie based on Zelda

On Thursday, Nintendo and Illumination Entertainment released the first trailer for Super Mario Bros movie. Fans will have to wait until April 7, 2023 to see what the final product looks like, but the teaser clearly made the internet buzz. Naturally, many fans are wondering what the Nintendo franchise might see next, and some are hoping for an animated or live action movie on The Legend of Zelda. The series was trending on Twitter today as fans shared their hopes for a Zelda mod, and there are definitely plenty of interesting trends to go into!

While Zelda looks like she’s not thinking about adapting to Hollywood, it may take some time. Nintendo is notorious for reluctance to tweak its properties, and there are other candidates who could be next if Mario succeeds. Donkey Kong Country seems to be the most logical choice, given the fact that Seth Rogen will voice the great ape in Super Mario Bros movie. With Fred Armisen also casting as Cranky Kong, rumors about the DKC spin-off have been circulating for over a year now. It remains to be seen whether or not Donkey Kong beats the link to the big screen, but hopefully fans of both franchises will have reason to celebrate in the future.

Keep reading to see what fans have to say about the Zelda movie!

perfect time.

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OK, but what game are you building it on?

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The animated film Wind Waker sounds like a dream.

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None of us can wait that long!

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How is it that we don’t have Splatoon anime, actually?

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Nintendo should think about it.

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However, not everyone likes the idea!



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