The canceled Kingdom Hearts anime pilot released after 19 years

Last month, Seth Kearsley revealed new information about the animated series Kingdom Hearts he worked on as executive producer in 2003. Disney didn’t go ahead with the series, but an unfinished animation was produced, and Kearsley stuck with it for the better. Part of two decades. Kearsley previously hinted that he would try to release the animation online, and he has now delivered on that promise! The animation is just over 11 minutes long, and most of that time is used to create characters like Sora, Riku, and Kairi, as well as their relationships with Disney characters like Donald and Goofy.

The animation can be found in the embedded video below.

Kingdom Hearts fans will be happy to hear (mostly) familiar voices in the animation. Hayden Panitterie and David Gallagher are set to reprise their roles as Kairi and Riku respectively, although Sora is not voiced by Haley Joel Osment. Instead, actor Bobby Edner can be heard in the newly released video. According to Kearsley, Osment had a scheduling conflict that would have prevented him from appearing as Sora. After all these years, it is very strange to hear a different voice actor in this role!

Since the animation’s release has not been approved by Disney, it is not clear if it will remain on YouTube, or if it has been subject to a copyright claim. Kearsley makes it clear on the YouTube listing that he doesn’t own the business, or seek to profit from it. His only motivation for shooting animation has always been that he is proud of the work; Kersley had a near-fatal car accident earlier in the year, and stated that he would have been “shocked” if no one had seen the thing he helped create. The animation version’s reception has been very positive so far, and many fans are happy to take a look at what it could be!

Are you happy that this Kingdom Hearts pilot has finally been released? Are you disappointed that this project is not finished? Tell us in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at Tweet embed To talk about all things gaming!


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