Joe Manganiello to the documentary Co-Direct Dungeons & Dragons

Justice Squad And the real blood Actor Joe Manganiello co-directs a documentary about the first 50 years Dungeons and Dragons. Hasbro and studio eOne announced the project yesterday, with Manganiello and Kyle Newman set to direct it. Newman is a veteran documentary filmmaker and also wrote 2018 Dungeons & Dragons Art & Arcana: A Visual History the book. The film will feature more than 400 hours of archival footage from the game’s early years that has never before been broadcast publicly and will include interviews with celebrities. The untitled documentary is billed as the first “authorized” film. Dungeons & Dragons Date.

Manganiello will also serve as producer for the film, along with his brother Nick Manganiello, Anthony Savigny, and Cecily Tyler. Tara Long and Gino McDermott will serve as executive producers for eOne alongside John Peterson and Adam F.

Magnaniello is famous Dungeons & Dragons A fan, having worked with Wizards of the Coast to promote and create content for Dungeons & Dragons. He has also appeared on various charitable D&D shows and runs a well-known Hollywood D&D game featuring many Hollywood stars and directors.

“I couldn’t be more proud and excited to be back behind the camera for another documentary, this time with the dream D&D team of John, Kyle, my brother and production partner Nick,” Manganiello said in the press release announcing the documentary. “I have experienced the rise, fall and rise of this old brand that has not only meant so much to me but has been a wellspring of creativity for an entire generation of writers, artists and creative minds, influencing so much of our culture none of this would have been possible without Nathan Stewart at Wizards of The Coast and my eternal support boss from the days of HBO/”True Blood”, Michael Lombardo and the awesome team at eOne.”

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