‘Rosaline’ is a new take on the classic ‘Romeo and Juliet’!

Los Angeles — The story of “Romeo and Juliet” is turned upside down in 20th Century Studios’ “Rosaline”.

Rosalyn, played by Caitlin Dever, is Romeo’s feisty ex-partner, who never wanted to give up on Romeo, but circumstances put them away and put him in the way of Juliet, who happens to be Rosalyn’s cousin. Rosalyn tries to break them up and the comedy and romance begin.

“Every day was fun,” Dever told On The Red Carpet. “I enjoyed reviving this character. It’s something I’ve never done before, I’ve never done some kind of movie before.”

She also said that the mix of classic and modern storytelling all wrapped up in a rom-com was intriguing to her.

“We’re using modern dialogue that was really an exciting prospect. The dialogue is really relaxing and really funny,” said Deaver. “I was smiling the whole time I made it. I had such a great time making this movie.”

For more of Dever’s conversation with On The Red Carpet, click the video above.

“Rosaline” is streaming on Hulu now.

The Walt Disney Company is the parent company of Hulu and this ABC station.

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