Whoopi Goldberg chooses her sister Act 3 Actors

Thank God! Sister Law 3 In the works of Disney+, returning star Whoopi Goldberg has revealed the cast she hopes will feel the spirit in the long-awaited sequel. The Academy Award winner reprises her role as soul singer Delores Van Cartier, who co-witnessed as Sister Marie Clarence in the 1992 original film co-starring Kathy Najimy, Wendy McKenna, Jennifer Lewis, Maggie Smith and Harvey Keitel. As announced in 2020, producer Tyler Perry supports a 30-year follow-up to 1993 Sister Law 2: Back to Habitwhich Disney revealed will go live on Disney+.

Goldberg confirmed Sister Law 3 It still happens during his appearance on Comedy Central’s hell week With host Charlemagne Tha Jude, she revealed that she will receive the script by the end of October. “Hopefully we get it together and get it done sooner rather than later,” Goldberg said.

Asked if the sequel takes place with no Star and Emmy Award winner Kiki Palmer – who tweeted this week she was “debuting” a role opposite Goldberg in Sister Law 3 – “I’m going to ask Kiki to come over,” Goldberg said.

“I want everyone to come. I want Lizzo to come, I want everyone,” Goldberg added of the Grammy-winning singer and rapper Truth Hurts and About Damn Time. “I want Nicki Minaj. I want everyone. I want many people who want to have some fun, because I really, really badly need some fun.”

Reunion with Goldberg the view Last month, Lewis said she was “very ready” to reprise her role as Michelle. “You know we’re still in the process of making this movie,” Goldberg told Lewis. “I do everything I can to work with her, because she’s fun.”

There have been quite a few developments since Disney announced that Goldberg and Perry are teaming up for it Sister’s Law The third chapter in 2020. But while appearing the view In September, Perry said the new film was finally moving “in the right direction.”

“I loved the idea of ​​us doing this, but the Hollywood system is moving a little slower than I’d like,” Berry said. “We have a good script, we got off to a great start, we’re just trying to get everyone to move in the right direction going forward.”

Goldberg credited with Manufacture And the Jazman Blues Director and producer to re-ignite the development Sister Law 3which was Disney’s “kinda tepid [on] for the longest time,” Goldberg says.

“They said no one wanted to see him,” Goldberg said, “and then Tyler walked in and said, ‘I want to see him’.” the view. “The next thing I knew, we were working! That’s the power of television.”



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