Attack on Titan Makeover asks how Berserk creator could have drawn the series

In a war where the anime franchise is more bleak, it will be a tough decision between them The attack on the Giants And the RambunctiousThe Scout Regiment and the Falcon Squad deal with their nihilistic problems facing each other. As the Black Swordsman Guts struggle to find new life in a world filled with terrifying messengers, creator Kentaro Miura used his dark art style to bring this dark franchise to life, as one fan artist imagined what The attack on the Giants It might look similar.

In the anime season this fall, Rambunctious Make a big profit thanks to the latest anime series, Berserk: Memorial Edition, which takes clips from the original movie trilogy and breaks them into episodes, along with new clips from the movies that were originally left on the cutting room floor. In 2023, The attack on the Giants He will also return to the small screen for his final episodes, where the Scout Regiment brings the war straight to Eren Jaeger after the former hero acquires the power of the founders Titan. With MAPPA returning to animate the last episodes, The attack on the Giants Getting ready to finish with a bang.

Reddit artist NesRamPor shared key scenes from The attack on the Giants The final season, reimagined using an art style strikingly similar to that of Kentaro Miura, makes Eren Jaeger look even more spooky before and after he finds himself taking on the role of the founding Titan:

I re-read this manga from Attack on Titan in the style of Kentaro Miura From

While Attack on Titan manga ended a few years ago, Rambunctious It continues to release new chapters after the death of creator Kentaro Miura. With Miura’s friends, writer Koji Mori and the artists at Studio Gaga, who took charge of where Kentaro left off, they were using the conversations and notes Mangaka left to help finish the Guts story.

Currently, there has been no news that the dark Kentaro Miura franchise will receive another anime adaptation after the Memorial Edition is released, although a mysterious countdown has appeared on the official. Rambunctious The website that might hint that something is in the works.

What do you think of this dark anime fusion? Feel free to tell us in the comments or hit me up live on Twitter @EVComedy to talk about all things comedy, anime, and the worlds of the Scout Regiment and Falcon squad.


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