Marvel’s New Black Panther Champion Takes Center Stage on Wakanda #4 Cover (Exclusive)

Latest Champion in Black Panther The franchise is about to get more spotlight. T’Challa may still be the Black Panther, but his time as ruler of Luakanda is over. He’s also an outsider after his deepest secrets are revealed, bringing him up against the same nation he once ruled. This story arc was introduced by Tosin Oduye in the 200th Legacy Oversized Edition Black Panther, which sparked an important role for Tosin down the line. The next comedian of Tosin’s show is Wakanda #4, and his co-creator John Ridley returns to start the adventure. has an exclusive January cover reveal Wakanda #4. Tosin Oduye’s story by writer John Ridley and artist Julian Shaw, and the issue continues in “The History of the Black Panthers” by Ivan Narcisse and artist Natasha Bustos.

“I am so excited to take Tosin beyond Black Panther Series and in the biggest legends of Wakandan. This story in particular lays a lot of the foundation for what I hope will be more opportunities to explore Tusin, and the growing group of characters around him,” Ridley said in a statement.

Who is Tosin Black Panther?

Tosin Oduye comes from a village in Wakanda that eschewed the massive technology that helped shape the country into the powerhouse it is today. He is a young man who cast a skeptical view of the elders of Wakanda and T’Challa for the way they run their community. Tosin’s introduction offers a different perspective from what fans usually get from T’Challa. He also provokes the courtship of Shuri, T’Challa’s sister.

Black Panther #7 Puts Toosin in the spotlight, as he rescues Wakanda Chief Minister Folasad after she gives an emergency proclamation to the country’s citizens. Akili, the chief of Hatut Zeraze, sent his officers to capture Folasade and Tosin thwarted him. Achille was once one of the prime suspects in the murders of T’Challa’s sleepy agents but manages to turn the King’s secrets against him, making T’Challa a wanted man.

Marvel’s New Black Panther Miniseries, Wakanda

Wakanda It is a five-issue series that follows other important characters in the franchise such as Shuri and Killmonger. The stand-up stories “The History of the Black Panthers” by Ivan Narcisse and Natasha Bustos provide, for the first time, a definitive overview of all the Wakanda who have carried the mantle of the Black Panther.

cover Wakanda #4 Featuring Tosin can be found below. The version will go on sale on January 18, 2023.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)
  • Wakanda No. 4 (of 5)
  • By John Ridley and Evan Narcisse
  • The Art of Julianne Shaw and Natasha Bustos
  • Covering Mateus Manhani
  • Tosin, the new fan-favorite hero, takes center stage in this story by his creator, John Ridley! Looming on the horizon is a forbidden love story and a grim prophecy about what it means to be a true hero. With T’Challa in exile, Tosin must step up and protect his nation when an abomination attacks an animal mine. But as Toosin strives to be a great warrior, will the pressures of his future shatter the life he’s building for himself now? In addition, the next chapter in the history of the Black Panthers – starring the only Benhazin!
  • For sale 1/18



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