Twister Cycle Twisters Planning Spring 2023 Production Start

Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment are said to be meeting with potential directors of Tornadoesthe sequel to the 1996 cult classic CycloneStarring the late Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt. Universal is co-financing Tornadoes Along with pictures of Warner Bros. , with veteran producer Frank Marshall attached. The most interesting note in the report from saucer is that Steven Spielberg is in love with the screenplay written by Mark L. Smith (return) who brought in Amblin and helped set it up Tornadoes On the fast track to production in 2023.

Among the potential directors referred to in final date The report is Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vasierhely, the Oscar-winning duo for their 2018 adventure sports documentary. free solo. He also mentions Dan Trachtenberg, who currently enjoys praise for his successful reinvention of predator Franchise with his movie about the exciting period piece victim, which caused quite a stir for Disney/Hulu earlier this year. Interestingly, Travis Knight of Leica mentioned; He jumped out of the animation (Kubo and Khaitan) to live action movies with 2018 transformers Reboot bumblebee.

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All in all, it’s a very strong lineup of directors who can deliver a captivating human scene and story that undoubtedly resonates with Steven Spielberg.

the original Cyclone It was co-written by Michael Crichton and produced by Kathleen Kennedy – directed by Jean de Pont, who exploded thanks to his work on Speed ​​two years ago. Cyclone It was a blockbuster scene that heralded a lot of upcoming trends in the film industry, including CGI post-production (courtesy of Industrial Light & Magic), and a global box office of $494.5 million, making it the second highest-grossing movie. 1996.

Here’s a beautiful, dramatic narration of the movie’s plot, courtesy of IMDb:

1969. In Oklahoma County, thunderstorms roll across an open plain, and on a remote farm, Joe and her family are about to sleep, but her father watches a tornado warning on TV. TV warns that the impending tornado may be an F5, the most powerful known. Not long after the family reached the storm cellar, a massive tornado hit, passing right above them and killing her father. 27 years later, Joe is now a storm scientist, trying to develop a hurricane warning system with soon-to-be Bill Harding. Multiple attempts fail for one reason or another, and their team sees a massive amount of damage and death. Then, on one occasion, they found themselves in the damage path of a massive F5 tornado. Can they successfully launch their test equipment, then escape the deadly storm in time?

Tornadoes It is being tracked to start production in 2023.

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