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Austin Butler played Elvis Presley in Baz Luhrmann’s biographical film Elvis. The movie hit theaters over the summer and stunned King fans, but it wasn’t always easy for the American actor to play Elvis. While he felt a deep connection to the singer, he admitted that he wasn’t always up to the same standards as the great singer.

The biopic not only showed how famous and eccentric Elvis became in his later years, but also how talented the Mississippi locals were when he was just a teenager.

While filming these earlier scenes, Austin sang Elvis songs himself and worked hard with an intense amount of vocal training to bring his flair and style to hits like Heartbreak Hotel and Jailhouse Rock.

However, in a new interview, Austin states that one song, that wasn’t for Spain, defeated him when he couldn’t sing it properly.

“I love playing it loud in the car and driving,” he admitted to the song that “lit him up,” before revealing that he simply didn’t have the ability to sing the track quite as King returned. the sixties.

Austin admitted, “Not once was I singing in Spain, and my voice went out. I lost the midrange of my voice for a few days.”

He added, “Fortunately, it was a Friday so we could take the weekend off, so I went on vocal rest and didn’t speak for two days to let my vocal cords rest. It’s hard singing!”

Austin admitted that he would listen to two Elvis songs every day on the way to work. One was never seen in Spain, the other was Polk Salad Annie.

He continued, “There is a live performance by Polk Salad Ani who is participating in it [the 1970 documentary] Elvis: That being the case, which is great because you see how dynamic his energy is and how he uses humor in music. (via NME)

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Austen’s love for Elvis’ music was evident in the final version of the film. But Baz publicly supported the actor in the amount of work he did to perfect his imitation of the King’s lyrical performance.

Last month, Paz posted a video of Butler singing the Elvis Trouble song on his Instagram account. The clip came before Elvis actually began filming, and served as an example of his skills and how he personified King on the big screen.

Buzz wrote a lengthy commentary to point out what was really going on behind the scenes while Elvis was singing.

He said, “The response to Austin’s version of ‘Trouble’ has been phenomenal but many of you are still asking, ‘Is it Austin singing? “I feel like I wasn’t clear enough in conveying that Austin sings all of the young Elvis in the movie, so forgive me.”

Paz added, “I thought you might find this very early (2019) camera as cool as Austin and the guys just getting confused while testing our lenses. Even before the two years of audio studies, I feel like Austin is channeling Elvis’ vocal qualities.” (sic)

He finished praising his actor by adding: “Thank you @ustinbutler for letting me share this early test to give fans an insight into your journey.”

Elvis is available on Digital Download now.


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