Sidney Sweeney breaks silence on Barbarella Riot

Barbarella Officially returning to the big screen, Sony Pictures has put a new adaptation of Jean-Claude Forest’s cult classic comic book series in development. Live action project will be the second time that Barbarella It was adapted into a movie, following the 1968 film led by Jane Fonda. this time around, trance And the Madame Web Superstar Sidney Sweeney will star in the titular role and executive production – and she seems eager to get started on the project. In a recent interview with ETSweeney called Barbarella “creative.” [and] fun,” and played shyly about whether or not she had actually called Fonda.

“I’m really excited to serve all shifts,” Sweeney explained. “But also, she is such a fun and creative personality. And I want to keep this fun alive Barbarella. So, I’m excited for everyone to see it.”

What is the Barbarella Around?

Barbarella It was created by Forest to be published in the V Magazine series in 1962, and began to be compiled into a standalone book years later. The comic follows the exploits of Barbarella, a space-faring astronaut on adventures throughout the galaxy. It is often seen as one of the first erotic comic books, as well as being a revolutionary step in terms of representing the sexual revolution of the era. Several new comics inspired by the franchise have been published by Dynamite in recent years.

In the sixties, it was Jean-Claude Forrest Barbarella She was a character who helped define her era — the first liberated heroine of a decade who questioned all moral codes and norms, Mike Carrey said in a statement when the comic was first announced. “I am so excited to be involved in re-creating this classic and iconic character for the modern era, introducing her to many readers who weren’t alive when she first traveled in space.”

Was there Barbarella sequel?

After Barbarella’s 1968 release, there were numerous attempts to continue or restart the franchise on screen. Initially, there were plans for a sequel, which was supposed to be titled Barbarella Goes Down. Then there were efforts to restart the franchise with a new film in the 2000s, which was directed by Robert Rodriguez, and later Robert Luctic, and starring Rose McGowan. This embodiment of the project eventually collapsed due to budget and filming constraints. A musical adaptation was produced in 2004. In 2012, Amazon Studios and Gaumont International Television aimed to create a file Barbarella TV series, which was set to be shown in Asia and directed by Nicola Winding Refn from The Neon Demon.

“Well, I don’t have Barbarellathe property is, but I decided to be more interested in Neon Demon“Refn Tell Playlist in 2016. “Plus, there are other TV things that caught my eye [because] I really enjoy designing it from the start. had become… Barbarellawas like Logan Run: Some things are best left untouched. It was not need to to remake it all.”

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