The Xbox October update adds some useful new console features

The team at Xbox has rolled out a new update for the console, and users can expect a few new Quality of Life features. The largest now allows users to control the TV volume from the console itself. This primarily works through an HDMI cable, and users can now find the “TV Size” option listed in the Audio and Music section. It’s a simple little addition, but the idea is that it makes it easier for gamers to quickly adjust the volume without having to look for the TV remote.

Last month, Alpha users were given the option to mute the console’s startup sound. Starting with today’s update, the option is now made available to all users. For those who like to play late at night when others in the house or apartment are asleep, this is a very welcome new feature. Xbox users can find this option in the General section, Additional Options, Power and Startup. Looks like fans have been asking for this for quite some time now!

In addition to these changes, Xbox has updated the firmware for multiple consoles, made some tweaks to the power mode names, and made a few other changes. The Xbox app on iOS and Android has also been updated to allow users to trim the length of their videos, making it easier to discern the gameplay moment they were targeting.

None of these changes were very drastic, but Xbox is constantly making tweaks to improve the overall gaming experience. Lots of little extras and features can be added like these, and they make using the devices more enjoyable. The Blog post Selecting these additions also shows that Xbox wants to learn more about the types of changes that users are looking for. Personally, I’d hope to see an option that makes it so that the headphones and the Xbox console won’t turn on the console unless you have the option to switch. For now, I’ll just need to see what the November update brings!

What do you think of this new Xbox update? Are these features something you could take advantage of? Tell us in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at Tweet embed To talk about all things gaming!


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