One thing Julia Roberts struggled with while acting alongside George Clooney in Ticket to Heaven

Julia Roberts and George Clooney are officially on their fifth project together at this weekend’s new movie release, A ticket to heaven. The film brings Roberts (who led some of the Best romantic comedies of all time) Going back to the kind that arguably made her a household name. While the actress was definitely treading familiar ground with her recurring star, she struggled with one thing while starring alongside Clooney this time around, which prompted the film’s director to give her a note.

Ol Parker, who has previously directed good films like Mama Mia! here we go again And the Best exotic Marigold hotel Before directing George Clooney and Julia Roberts, he hid from his time working with the stars. While doing so, he explained that Roberts always had trouble with one aspect of the party – being mean to Clooney:

The only note I had to give Julia in the entire movie was the scene where they’re actually arguing after the market. They have an argument about how to raise Lily. Julia was easy going with George. I was like, Julia, what’s up? what’s happening here?’ George went for her in his closeup and still does it on hers and she isn’t. I was like, “What’s going on here?” She went, ‘I just don’t like yelling. I don’t like being mean to George. And I said, “You have to let him have it.” It’s like, “Okay.” Then the next shot is what appears in the movie. That’s sexy.

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