Girl Walks Home Alone At Night Director Weighs In A Possible Sequel (Exclusive)

2014 vampire movie Girl walking home alone at night A huge hit for co-star Sheila Vand and writer/director Anna Lilly Amirpour, the complex world seen in the film was filled with potential stories that could be further explored, at least according to fans of the experience. Amirpour similarly feels about the experience, in that any story she develops is fully invested in it, and she is quite open to offering another story that takes place in this world, but she also knows how time-consuming the filmmaking process is, so the follow-up is to be contingent on her passion for an idea. New. Amirpur recently directed an episode of Guillermo del Toro’s intriguing cabinetwhich debuted on Netflix on October 28.

“It’s definitely something I’m open to,” Amirpour confirmed with about a potential sequel. “I had this feeling about this movie. I had that feeling bad batch. I have this feeling about Mona Lisa [and the Blood Moon]. I feel like I shot these worlds and those characters, and the way my films look, they tend to be, I don’t want to say just open endings, but it’s not like I’ve come to one limited conclusion. It’s more like presenting a world and certain characters that you feel they persist in. I’m completely open to continuing any of these stories if the right conditions exist for that to happen.”

She continued, “When the idea is there, you have to write it down. It’s not like I can just put it aside and go make a sequel. If there’s an idea, it becomes the most pressing thing, and I have to get it over and finish it. Then there’s a lot of juice that you have.” There is a lot of energy to put in the text, so it all just depends. If the timing is compatible and the circumstance is right, I will definitely do it.”

Star Vand is totally excited about the return to the character, detailing in 2020 how you would envision such an opportunity.

β€œIt’s something I’ve always imagined and [the film] He feels like he wants to,” Vande revealed to This was a phenomenon, the reception of this film. You’d never think when you make a western black and white vampire, all in Persian, that he’s going to hunt the way he did, and that was a beautiful thing. And so I feel it calls for it. And Anna Lilly has written an outline of what’s to come before the film. I don’t know how much I wrote about things that happened after the movie, but certainly in those of us who make the backstory for the girl, there was a lot of material in the prequel.”

Netflix describes its new anthology series, “Guillermo del Toro – Master of Horror – presents an unprecedented and genre-defining collection of stories that will challenge our traditional notions of horror.” Guillermo del Toro’s intriguing cabinet An anthology of sinister stories, told by some of today’s most respected horror creators – including directors BabadookAnd the paste or collectAnd the mandyAnd so much more.”

Guillermo del Toro’s intriguing cabinet Premieres on Netflix on October 28. Stay tuned for details about the possibility Girl walking home alone at night sequel.

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