Adapting Stephen King’s Castle Rock: Hulu’s 2018 Original Series Is A Stephen King Mixtape That Rocks

Over the course of his writing career, Stephen King has written multiple on-going series and direct sequels to his own works… but those novels, novellas, and shorts are really just pockets in a much greater whole. One of the best things about being a Constant Reader is the fact that almost all of the author’s tales feature breadcrumbs that link the stories together as part of a larger canon, and you never really know what connections you’re going to stumble upon next.

Sometimes they come in the form of recognizable characters popping up (like Deputy Sheriff/Sheriff Norris Ridgewick appearing in Needful Things, Gerald’s Game, Bag Of Bones and more); sometimes there are recurring settings (such as the notorious Maine towns of Castle Rock and Derry); and sometimes there are recurring elements of the supernatural (like the Deadlights from IT making a comeback in Later). And all that’s without getting into the overarching elements from The Dark Tower books.

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