Toho to celebrate Godzilla Day 2022 with special offers and more

It will be a big celebration for Godzilla this year as Toho will celebrate the legendary Kaiju Godzilla Day this year with plans for special offers, merchandise, collectibles and more. The last few years have been pretty good for the legendary Titan as not only did Godzilla get a complete makeover with the Legendary MonsterVerse quad (which will continue even with some amazing new projects), but kaiju has emerged in new ways in Japan with films like Shane Godzilla and anime versions such as Godzilla Singular Point. So there is no better time to celebrate!

Godzilla Day is fast approaching on November 3rd (in commemoration of the debut Godzilla movie in theaters November 3, 1954), Toho announced a new slate of special collaborations they would be launching to celebrate. This includes some new shows of classic Godzilla movies, new collectible releases from the likes of Mondo, Hot Wheels and more, new food co-ops and a huge list of other events. The various 2022 Godzilla celebrations (as detailed by Toho) break down as follows:

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What’s coming on Godzilla Day 2022?

  • just one day Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla In American theaters – In partnership with Fathom Events, the triumphant Godzilla will return to the big screen in more than 450 theaters across the country for the first-ever American show of 2002 Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. Fans are invited to celebrate this exclusive, just one day The film premiered with subtitles, along with a never-before-seen live action movie from Japan, and an exclusive message to fans from Team Godzilla Head at Toho International, Keiji Ota. Tickets for this special event are now available for purchase online or at the participating box office. For a full list of theater locations, visit the Fathom Events website (Theaters subject to change).
  • Theatrical performances of the original Godzilla Toho International has also partnered with the Alamo Drafthouse to host special screenings of the movie that started it all, the classic 1954 film. Godzilla. Introduction in Japanese with English subtitles, Godzilla Alamo locations across the country will be screened on November 3, with additional shows at select locations. Check the Alamo website for screening dates and times.
  • Blancos Block Party x Godzilla Cosmetics and NFTsBlancos Block PartyThe immersive social party game where you play with and against friends, players have fun on this Godzilla day! To celebrate the occasion, Mythical has partnered with Toho International to bring the famous monsters Godzilla, Mothra and Mecha-Godzilla into the game in the form of Blankos. Fans can purchase their favorite Godzilla-themed characters and NFTs now and can even watch private gameplay that includes a discussion of the creative process between Chris Mowry, Toho’s Creative Director, and artist James Grumman.

  • king (monsters) silly things – King Trivia, the makers of the ultimate live bar experience and competition, is partnering with Toho International to bring Godzilla-themed entertainment events across the country throughout the week of November 3.

  • Get heat and flavor with Jade City Foods After the resounding success of last year, Toho International has once again partnered with Jade City Foods to bring spicy Godzilla sauce to spice lovers brave enough to experiment with different flavours. Serious fans who love to whip up the heat can check out the individual sauces or grab the 16-piece Godzilla Hot Sauce Collector Set ($235), available now! Besides its popular hot sauces, Jade City also offers a variety of coffees and blends like Series 2 Godzilla Coffee 3-Pack ($50), as well as a line of dry rubs and spices like Series 1 Godzilla Dry Rub 5-Pack ($50).
  • Pastrami Langer Sandwich, Godzilla Size – Langer, the infamous Los Angeles-based deli and home of the world-famous 19th pastrami sandwich, is partnering with Toho International to bring a promotion for Godzilla-sized sandwiches throughout the week of November 3! Aptly named 68 in honor of Godzilla’s 68th anniversary, this week-long special is a brutal version of the delicious pastrami sandwich with unlimited fries and soda ($68). Fans can order the promotional meal deal from October 31 – November 5.
  • king of macarons Macron lovers unite! Honey & Butter Macarons, the macaron specialty in Irvine, Calif., is partnering with Toho International to create a custom Godzilla macaron. Available only on October 29, November 3, and November 5, the store will also have branded decorations on display as well as additional Godzilla-inspired merchandise for sale to celebrate Godzilla Day.
  • Variety of snacks and items from FYE – For Your Entertainment (FYE) brings everything sweet and spicy to the table with an array of Godzilla-themed desserts that every foodie will enjoy! Heat lovers can indulge in 1/2 pound of Hot Chocolate ($24.99) full of crunch and Carolina Reapers for an extra punch, Godzilla Force of Nature ($12.99) Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce that will bring heat to any dish, or Godzilla Ghost package Pepper Ramen 5 Pack ($14.99). If you’re looking for something a little less spicy, grow your own energy monster with Godzilla Blue Raspberry Reawaken Energy Drink ($3.99), or dip your teeth into Godzilla King of the Monsters Chocolate Mochi Bites ($9.99). Non-consumable items will also be available from the specialty retailer and include everything from an 8.5-inch Godzilla Light (based on the 1995 Godzilla movie, $99.99), a large soy candle ($29.99), a 5-pack of bamboo chopsticks (based on the 1995 Godzilla movie, $99.99), $9.99), temporary tattoos ($9.99), paint-by-number activity kit ($19.99), and much more!
  • Yokocho Ramen x Godzilla is back! Across the pond, fans can enjoy a limited-edition “King of the Monsters” menu from Yokocho, the famous London ramen house that has partnered with Toho International once again to celebrate Godzilla Day. For just £23, fans can choose between two special bowls of ramen (with Godzilla-sized toppings!), two desserts, and two specialty drinks (one cocktail, one non-alcoholic) served with edible Godzilla decorations. This special promotion runs from October 25 – November 30 at both Panton and Heddon locations.
  • Hot Wheels x Godzilla – Mattel and Toho International have partnered to create three exclusive Godzilla Hot Wheels® cars to celebrate the King of Monsters! The first of the three will be available retail in November 2022 exclusively at Target with additional vehicles launching in 2023.
  • New collection from – Crunchyroll Loves, the street fashion label of global anime brand Crunchyroll, is launching a special collection in honor of Godzilla Day, celebrating many of Godzilla’s iconic opponents over the years. The seven-piece set will feature Spacegodzilla, Little Godzilla, Biollante and Mechagodzilla paired with a mix of vibrant colors.
  • Official merchandise in Kinokuniya bookstores Godzilla invades Kinokuniya USA! Merch is available from the official Godzilla Store now in Kinokuniya USA while supplies last. Get art books, clear files, posters, figures, T-shirts, and more from the official Godzilla online store and at select physical locations.
  • New additions to the Godzilla line from Super7 Enjoy the powerful awe of Godzilla and all of Toho’s Kaiju creations with Super7, the premier design house for pop culture and producer of lifestyle-focused toys and apparel that celebrates sci-fi, giant monsters, comic books, punk rock, skateboarding, robotics and rebellion. Through a partnership with Toho International and recently announced at NYCC 2022, Super7 has added new elements to the powerful Godzilla collection, with over 10 all-new characters and outfits such as 1200°C Godzilla Wave 3 Figure ($85), Godzilla Masks, Hedorah & Mechagodzilla ($60), and Anatomical Godzilla T-Shirt in Antique Black ($30), are available to pre-order through November 4th!
  • The new Godzilla Swag from Mondo CollectiblesIn honor of the monster’s 68th birthday, Toho International is collaborating with Mondo to release a slew of new Godzilla vinyl LPs, figures and stickers.
  • Clothes by Cavity Colors By creating collectible items that ooze horror nostalgia, Cavity Colors is rejuvenating its partnership with Toho International to bring Godzilla-branded clothing to its fans. From T-shirts to track pants, brands are releasing new items for the ultimate monster fan.
  • Dripping a wearable lifestyle with heroes and villains A timeless approach to wearable lifestyle gear for those who expect more of a story, Heroes & Villains Premium Licensed Apparel & Accessories is working with Toho International to bring you a line of jackets, hats, T-shirts and wraps that celebrate the Japanese sea monster.

Which of the following Godzilla Day celebrations caught your attention the most? Let us know all your thoughts on this topic in the comments!


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