The Sandman has been renewed for a second season on Netflix

hypnotic She’s returning for a second season, Netflix confirmed today. This announcement comes after weeks of hope and speculation among fans even hypnotic It topped the streaming charts for several of those weeks. Netflix has been slow to renew the series. Executive Producer Neil Gaiman, who co-wrote and wrote the original script hypnotic Comics, he explained that this was due to the big budget of the show. However, it seems that Netflix has decided to continue hypnoticAnother season’s story will be worthwhile. The second season is supposed to start where the first season left off, with the beginning of a story arc called “Season of the Mists” in the comics.

according to LimitConfirmation of the renewal follows an accidental leak on the DC Comics Twitter account. “The dream continues. [The Sandman] He’ll be back with new episodes based on multiple volumes of Neil Gaiman’s graphic novel to explore more endless stories,” the since-deleted tweet read.

Speaking to in August, when Netflix released an additional episode of hypnoticGaiman and show director Alan Heinberg discussed it Sandman The most anticipated stories of adaptation.

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Gaiman said. “I really want to see it. I really want to see ‘Ramadan’ and I love the fact that one of the reasons I say I want to see Ramadan is because I don’t know how we’re going to do it. Are we going back to animation for that? Are we inventing a whole new way of storytelling? How do you imply that you’re in a story and the world of the story instead of our reality? And I think I’ll love it, and I’m really excited to tell him that he doesn’t really have a dream at all, a story called “Hob’s Leviathan”, a whole gambling story on a tall ship in the ocean I’m thinking of in 1905, 1890 maybe, and I’d love to see this story take place mostly just because I think Kingsley’s Hob is one of my favorite things on screen. It was just a glorious surprise in Episode VI. How funny, ingrained and human he has managed to be while also being awful in Sometimes. I would like to see that character. Just watch more of her.”

Heinberg added, “I vote yes to all of those. And I’d like to add ‘Parliament of Crows’ to that list, which I hope we’re about to do, and ‘three September members in January.’ If we could somehow manage it as a special mini-series, maybe. But now I’m getting greedy.”

hypnoticIts first season is now streaming on Netflix.


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