Twitter Blue Verification Tricks GTA 6, Nintendo Fans

Twitter Blue’s new verification system is rolling out and as one might expect it is already causing problems Grand Theft Auto VI And Nintendo fans. In October, Elon Musk officially took control of Twitter and began making important changes to make the company profitable and promote “freedom of speech”. This started with laying off half the company, cutting costs in the process, but reports are starting to leak that the company may have laid off too many important people and had to ask some people back. Twitter went on to announce that users would be able to subscribe to Twitter Blue for $8 per month and get a verified blue checkmark like celebrities and other notable accounts. Many feared that this would lead to the spread of misinformation and impersonation… and that is exactly what happened.

Today, several confirmed paid accounts appeared on Twitter. Some have more attraction than others, but a Rockstar Games fake account teased imminent Grand Theft Auto VI reveal, fake Tweet a Nintendo account The image of Mario stirs people up, and Advertise a fake valve account New Ricochet game. Rockstar Games and Nintendo’s account was quickly suspended, the latter noting it was a parody in his bio at Twitter’s request. Valve’s account was also suspended despite noting that it was a sarcastic account and commenting on a tweet about how this new feature can cause a lot of problems for the platform. This will likely be something that will continue to happen significantly over the next week, if not longer.

It’s unclear if this will prompt Twitter to make any meaningful changes, though. As always, if you see some big news whether exciting, scary or surprising, you should do your due diligence to check the source. Click on the profile, examine the handle carefully, see how long the account has been around, followers, older tweets, and more. It’s also worth supporting it with actual news sources like websites that would cover it if it were real.

Have you seen any verified accounts impersonating brands or people on Twitter? Let me know in the comments or hit me up TwitterCade_Onder.


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