Mortal Kombat 2 Star Louis Tan Breaks Silence in ‘Crazy’ Sequel (Exclusive)

In addition to the global success of its video game series, human kombat I’m finally starting to thrive in the modern movie world. New Line Cinema’s live-action reboot of the franchise debuted in the spring of 2021, and quickly became one of the most successful films from Warner Bros. Experience ‘Project Popcorn’ for simultaneous release of movies in cinemas on HBO Max. As gamers know, human kombat He certainly hasn’t adapted all of his source material in one sitting, with an official sequel in the works. while talking to ComicBook.comBrandon Davis at the BoxLunch Gala to honor Feeding America recently, young actor Cole Young Lewis Tan poked fun at how work continues on the sequel amid the Warner Bros. merger. Discovery’s last, and made a mockery that he was “rehearsing” [his] Ass off” for the new movie.

Tan explained in our interview, “Well, it affects a lot, but it’s not really us in particular because New Line is the studio under the Warner Bros franchise.” “But they’re very happy with the movie, and it obviously did really well. It’s one of the most-watched films from Warner Bros. Slate, even though it was shown at the worst possible time ever. But no, we’re ahead in full force. And now, we’ve got Ed Boon is with us too, so we got a seal of approval from the legend himself. #2 He’d just be totally insane. So much bigger.”

what will Mortal Kombat 2 be around?

Mortal Kombat 2 It is directed by Simon McQuaid, who directed the first film, and will be written by Jeremy Slater of Moon Night. Plot details are currently unknown at this time, but Slater appears to have a unique approach to the big franchise.

“I feel like there’s blood inside human kombat Cool and it’s part of what people come for, you always have to find that balance between playful blood and unruly blood, right? ” In an interview earlier this year. “Because there are times when someone’s heart gets ripped out or the best kill in the first movie is Kung Lao’s spinning hat kind of cut in half and that’s the perfect example of bloodthirsty fun because it’s so disgusting, but everyone laughs at the same time, right? You want to make sure that everyone They’re kind of laughing at the boldness of blood and they’re not just sitting there kind of bothered by the rounding of falling viscera and visceral stuff and things like that.”

There’s a tongue in his cheek human kombat In terms of violence and in terms of blood, there’s a bit of winking to the audience and saying like, “Yeah, we know that’s ridiculous, but it’s really fun and we’re all joking together,” Slater continued. And when you find the right balance, I think that’s where you get moments like that incredibly bloody first fight that opens the first movie with points with Hanzo kind of ripping off all the killers or you get the hat or stuff like that. So we’re looking at how we can simulate those bloody moments from the first moment that were really successful and got huge fan reactions and how we’re giving the audience more this time around.”

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