Blue’s Steve Guides investigate what “F – k Load” is in a funny commercial from Ryan Reynolds

If you have a file blue guides/ Ryan Reynolds Mashup Announcement on the Weekly Bingo Card, congratulations! The unlikely pairing comes from Flock Freight. While Ryan Reynolds doesn’t appear in Flock Freight’s latest ad, Deadpool’s Maximum Effort is the creator of the new 60-second site. Flock Frite and its patented technology “helps create a smarter supply chain, saving shippers from the trap of bad and worse choices and giving carriers the opportunity to fill their trucks and wallets.” The Flock Freight commercial features Steve Burns, known for his role as a detective on the long-running children’s show blue guides.

Steve Burns wears his detective hat in this documentary-like ad as he looks to answer the important question, “Exactly how much payload?” Yes, you read correctly. “Quantifying Payload” is the actual title of the Flock Freight ad, and Steve sits down with a company CEO named Jill Lyons to get those answers. No matter the size of the load, Flock Freight ensures that it can ship it to you efficiently.

We get definitions for “fuckload”, “shitload” and “boatload”, and you’ll be surprised how dramatically all three differ. Steve even finds humor in his discovery of “truckload” and “fuckload”, and takes him back to the days of Blue’s Clues.

Paramount +’s Blue’s Clues movie

Paramount+ released the official trailer and release date for Blue’s Big City AdventureIt is the first feature film based on blue guides TV franchise. The idea of ​​taking Blue from his hometown to the big city suggests a slight tweak to the formula, but given how much blue guides and you The story version became more character-driven and acknowledged the history of the franchise, so it’s possible that they could play some of that in a way that a regular episode couldn’t or wouldn’t. After all, he’s never been more famous than he was when Steve released that heartbreaking video, and it’s okay that Josh knows the former hosts, and they’ll be a part of the movie.

blue guides Created by Traci Paige Johnson, Todd Kessler, and Angela C. Santomero, it hit Nickelodeon in September of 1996, for six seasons. The show has become a staple in living rooms around the world and has been heralded as an innovator in interacting with children. Nickelodeon restarted the series in 2019 under a new name – Blue guides and you!. The network renewed the series for a fourth season earlier this year.


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