The Biffy Clyro Bible made an amazing show at O2 | music | entertainment

This was followed by a stellar support hatch from Brighton Architects, who announced they were going to “set the O2 on fire” with their sassy, ​​ferocious lead singer Sam Carter roaring at the top of his lungs and swelling audiences in their blistering group, sometimes earth-shaking. After selling out their main show at London’s Alexandra Palace in May, it won’t be long before they top O2, meanwhile impressing their Brighton Rock teammates, with the duo in attendance Royal Blood on Saturday.

Finally, Biffy Clyro enters the multi-level, grand stage, where lead singer Simon plays majestically atop a raised pedestal.

Watch a heavy editorial from the band Simon encourage fans to shout out the words “This is how we’ve been playing since the beginning” from DumDum. Playing at a fierce pace, there’s no interruption in the songs, establishing their place as rock stars, who topped the Download Festival this summer.

Hitting the mammoth who has a match? He begins with Simon swinging a light above his head, declaring “It’s Saturday night, no work tomorrow, let’s party, we have a day off too!” , before stepping into the hearty black chandelier.

This golden law saw Simon appear naked, his tattooed and sweaty torso showing that he puts everything into every word and greets that night.

The violinists praised the heavy pieces of music during their large ballads and blended subtly with relentless energy, often feeling like there was no stopping their breathing.

Standing at the top left of the stage, Simon Machines sang, alone on the gigantic stage under spotlights, playing acoustic guitar with O2 singing in tune to the raw song ‘I’m starting to fall apart, I forgot how good it can be to feel alive’ .

With a sea of ​​blinding camera lights in the air, and fans singing to him “Take the chops and build them up to the sky,” this was truly a moment worth watching, as it concluded with a massive show by the great Biffy Clyro.


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