Bizarre ‘Elon Musk GOAT’ statue unveiled in Austin by crypto entrepreneurs

aOne of the strangest news related Twitter’s new owner, Elon MuskIt was unveiled this weekend A group of entrepreneurs in the field of cryptocurrency I decided to erect a statue in my honor Space-X CEO.

The statue was unveiled in Austin, Texas, and features Musk’s head is carved and sat on the metal body of a rocket-mounted goat, and was created to “honor Musk’s contributions to cryptocurrency.” creators The project was called the “Elon Goat Token”.

Work completed in six months

The sculptor responsible for the statue is named Kevin Stone, who has 20 years of experience He was asked to finish the project within 3 to 5 months. It will take one to two years, Stone said We finally finished it in six months.

The idea was to design this statue To get everyone’s attention and advertise their cryptocurrencyStone said. They plan to drive the bust around to market the project Like giant Elon NFT to life. ”

sculpture over Its length is 9 meters and it costs 600 thousand dollars. The body of the goat and the rocket were made by two other sculptors before they were combined Musk bust in the trailer.

“They hope this will not only generate media interest, but also lead to the creation of a token Unlike other cryptocurrency tokens that came and went and did not exist for a long time.”

The cryptocurrency is called Elon GOAT

The creators of Elon GOAT ($EGT) say the name of their cryptocurrency is inspired by their respect for Musk, whom they view as a goat. The statue was trucked to Tesla Inc.’s headquarters. Hopefully in Austin Musk will accept the gift. The creators invite the event “Goat tender”.

They plan to, said Alec Wolfert, Elon GOAT co-founder and chief marketing officer They camped near the site and didn’t even leave before grabbing the statue. “We’re going to stay here as long as we can,” Wolfert said. “I’ve even heard some people say They were about to tie themselves to it.”

The goal: to get the musk for tweeting about the statue to his more than 118 million followers He drew attention to his cryptocurrency, Elon GOAT. Elon tweeting us would legitimize the token. said Ashley Sansalone, co-founder of the cryptocurrency.


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