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Millie Museum. The fight is over Annabelle SelldorfPlanned redesign of Sainsbury Suite affiliate National gallery In London continues to rage. Architect Denise Scott Brownwho designed the place with her late husband Robert VenturiHe said guardianIt makes our building look Circus clown. Selldorf’s proposal centers on opening up the wing’s atrium, which first appeared in 1991, to allow it to serve as the museum’s main entry point. Some notable architects also recently argued It transforms a “meticulously designed space into an airport lounge.” The design of the National Gallery has always sparked controversy, such as Catherine Slessor noticed earlier This year in Design. William Thackeray It was once called his central structure, which he designed William Wilkins It opened in 1838, as a “little store of a building”.

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In the market. a Max Beckmann Self-portrait from 1943-1944 is Headed to an auction in Berlin This week the highest estimate ever placed on a work of art in Germany, €20 million – €30 million (about $15 million – $31.1 million), guardian reports. This means that if the painting is sold at a price of Villa Griesbach On December 1, it will break the current record price for a work at auction in Deutschland, a figure set back in 2018 when another Beckmann went for €4.7m. The iconic work, whose face is covered in shadow, was painted by the artist while living in Amsterdam, in exile from Nazi Germany.


2022 Venice Biennale It closed on Sunday, and had record attendance, with over 800,000 tickets sold. That was a 35 percent jump from the 2019 edition. This year’s fair ran a bit longer — 197 days to 2019’s 173 days. [Press Release/La Biennale]

Speaking of museum renovations in London, the National Portrait Gallerywhich is currently undergoing a major renovation, said it would rebuild the first floor into the Blavatnik Wing after a 10 million pound ($12.1 million) donation from the businessman’s foundation. Leonard Blavatnik. [The Art Newspaper]

The Wellcome Group In London, whose collections include medical artifacts and art, she said she closed one of her permanent exhibitions, Medicine Man, because it promotes “a version of medical history based on racist, sexist, and capable theories and language.” [The Guardian]

Spencer TunicThe photographer, best known for capturing large groups of naked people, has gathered around 2,500 volunteers to pose for nude photos on Sydney’s Bondi Beach for a campaign aimed at encouraging Australians to get checked for skin cancer. [BBC News and The Guardian]

boss m + in hong kong, Suhania RavilHe was chosen to be the president of the International Commission of Museums and Collections of Modern Artan industry group with about 700 members, Art review reports. Raphael will succeed Mami KataokaLeader Morey Museum of Art in tokyo. [ArtReview]

Artist interviews. Soumya Critchlowwhich he has soloed in Maximilian William In London, at guardian. Karen Lamasonnow appear in Swiss Institute In New York, at financial times. And the Lucia Lagunawhich appeared in Sadie’s Coles HQ in London, it’s a lot.


A royal welcome. What is the only thing better than David Hockney To be present at a party? When David Hockney is present in a new plaid suit and bright yellow Crocs! Such as was the scene On Thursdays at lunch Buckingham Palace in London, CNN reports. (The event was for the Order of Merit, of which the artist is a member.) Apparently King Charles was pleased with the choice of shoes. “Yellow galoshes!” notice. “Nice choice.” [CNN]

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