Marvel is celebrating Black History Month 2023 with various covers

In February, Marvel Comics is celebrating Black History Month with four new variant covers plus special backup stories appearing in select issues throughout the month. Along with previously announced limited series highlighting black heroes and black creators – Race: Daughter of BladeAnd the Bishop: War CollegeAnd the Silver Surfer: Ghost Light – Blade, Photon, Storm, and Black Panther will feature various covers and new back-up stories in the releases Moon KnightAnd the Spider ManAnd the Scarlet WitchAnd the ox.

After returning to the world of Wakanda at Marvel Studios Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverMarvel will release a one-shot anthology special Marvel Voices: Wakanda Forever #1 On the 15th of February. The issue contains five new stories featuring the heroes of Wakanda, including King T’Challa, Shuri, their grandfather Azzuri, Okoye and Dora Milaje. depends on the request:

  • T’Challa’s grandfather, Azzuri, learns a lesson as a teenager that will have a huge impact on present-day Wakanda in a poignant story by writer Adam Serwer (Wakanda) and Marvel Studios storyboard artist Todd Harris!
  • It’s the first appearance of the LAST Black Panther in the distant future of Wakanda in an inspiring tale written and illustrated by Juni Ba (Black Pantherillustrated caricature’ monkey meat)
  • T’Challa must deal with a crisis of faith and go to a surprising ally to help him get through it in a gripping thriller from writer Karama Horne, author of Black Panther: Protectors of Wakanda, and artist Alitha E. Martinez, known for her work on Black Panther And the Miles Morales: Spider-Man
  • Find out the lengths Shuri will go to in order to protect Wakanda from a devastating onslaught from a dangerous new foe in an action-packed story by Moriwa Ayodele and Dutton Akande, the team behind the announcement recently. I am Iron Man limited series
  • Dora Milaje’s new apprentice must accomplish one last thing to earn her place: defeat Okoye in combat! Witness the incredible battle in this story from Eisner Award-winning writer Sheena Howard and artist Marcus Williams (Tuskegee heirs)
  • Plus all-new articles and interviews on all things Wakanda!

The Black History Month variant cover series and special back-up stories are featured in the following editions:

  • Scarlet Witch #2 It will see two of Marvel’s biggest forces, Scarlet Witch and Storm, unite in a story by writer Stephanie Williams and artist Chris Allen. (February 1)
  • Moon Knight #20 It will see the Crescent Crusader cross paths with the sheriff of the vampire nation, Blade, in a story by writer Danny Lore and artist Ray Anthony Height. (February 1)
  • Spider Man #5 Featuring Spider-Man and Photon in an action-packed adventure from writer Justin A. Reynolds and artist ChrisCross (15 February)
  • ox No. 31 It will feature a team-up story featuring Thor and the Black Panther, from writer Sheryl Lynn Eaton and artist Chriscross (22 February)

Marvel Black History Month Variant Covers

Scarlet Witch #2 Black History Month variant cover by Hernanda Souza

Scarletwitch2. jpg

Moon Knight #20 Black History Month Cover Variant By Chris Allen

moonknight20. jpg

Spider Man #5 Black History Month Cover Variant by Karen S. Darboy

spiderman5. jpg

ox #31 Variant Cover For Black History Month By Ken Lashley

bull 31.jpg


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