Elon Musk responds to Joe Biden: Or you could just buy a Tesla

eLon Musk never misses an opportunity to entertain the President of the United States, Joe Bidenand that every time he alludes to the electrification of the American auto industry.

This time, the CEO of Tesla chose his new “toy”, TwitterTo respond to a message from the US President.

Musk reportedly plans to cut 75% of Twitter’s staff

Biden He boasted of his government’s work in creating a new electric charging infrastructure by announcing that work was underway to bring the number of points across the United States to 500,000 stations. This was approved last September, and the US government will allocate $900 million for it.

Musk’s blunt response to Biden

The Great American Road Trip will be fully electrified. BidenTweet.

but, muskThe reaction was immediate and forthright.

Or you could just buy a Tesla.

musk He often brings up the issue of charging stations in his conflicts with the president. Its charging stations now number 40,000 worldwide.

In addition, the creator of Tesla reminded the President of the United States that his company began to open access to its chargers, allowing other electric cars to use Tesla Superchargers, which is also possible at European stations (including some Spanish ones).

Long-running quarrels between Biden and Musk

“war” between Biden And the musk It dates back so far, that the Democratic president snubbed Tesla in his speeches as a key factor in the electrification of cars in the United States, despite the fact that the manufacturer is the one that sells the most clean drive cars in the country.

In addition, the president has positioned himself on the side of traditional brands (Ford or GM) by visiting their facilities and even getting behind the wheel of some of their new electric cars.

The South African billionaire did not forgive this disdain. That’s why, whenever he gets the chance, he attacks the Democratic president.

In this letter, he did so in his classic style, with sarcasm and sarcasm, but it is not the only javelin he threw at the president in recent days.

Elon Musk and the “Twitter Profiles” against Biden

The new owner of Twitter used his platform to publish some statements backed by emails and internal testimonies of the company’s employees, which reveal how Twitter behaved itself in the face of press information about it. Hunter BidenPresident’s son. These are the so-called Twitter files.

According to these discoveries, several Twitter workers intervened to fend off inquiries – which were implicated in this Joe Biden in an alleged conflict of interest by favoring a company owned by his son Fisher man – It will not have a wide spread so as not to harm the then Democratic candidate in his race for the presidency in the 2020 elections.

According to the published emails, this procedure was hidden from the former CEO of the company, Jack Dorsey.

We should not forget that before the last midterm elections, musk He has publicly and publicly positioned himself on the side of the Republicans, having already completed his Twitter takeover.


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