Elon Musk mistakes the press for fans and yells at them that there will be no more autographs

Elon Musk is no longer interested in signing autographs like he used to be, however, he mistook members of the media for fans and didn’t approach them, only exclaiming that he was no longer signing autographs.

The new owner of Twitter arrived at Dulles Int’l International Airport near the capital on Saturday night, and as he got into his Tesla he didn’t approach the crowd like he used to before revealing Hunter Biden’s laptop files.

Elon now has security details

Musk also had a security escort who was escorting him into the car and possibly the person who advised him not to approach the group of journalists.

Elon Musk draws a line

Elon used to be a very public person who enjoyed talking to the press about whatever was on his mind including the time he was about to host Saturday Night Live, what he thought about Crypto, etc. Now it seems those days are over.

As his popularity increased, he became more distant from people, and one of the things that might attract him as a billionaire was his approachable appearance and the way he spoke his mind without the need for self-censorship.

Some members of the press say that since the acquisition, Twitter has become more hawkish and unwilling to answer questions like before.

Is his life in danger?

Some say that because of Hunter Biden/Twitter status his life could be in danger, as he said he never considered suicide and if something happened to him he would not have killed himself.


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