Johnny Depp fuels rumors of Captain Jack Sparrow’s return with a rare charity appearance

eA very person who knows how important it is Captain Jack Sparrow was to Johnny Depp Career, he keeps the character close to his heart. When Disney He decided to impeach him because of the bad press that accompanied his trial for defamation Amber HurdDeb was heartbroken. He stated that he would likely never play the character again during that experience, which left many of his fans disappointed. But each of them understood where Johnny Depp coming from. Regardless of this decision, the actor still agreed to appear again as the lovable captain of Charity.

Johnny appearedKraken BoxYouTube channel to send a message to Captain Coreya terminally ill kid who wanted to reach 100,000 subscribers before dying of his illness. deb He is famous for making these kinds of wishes come true and he didn’t hesitate to do a Korean one. Needless to say, the kid was over the moon to not only receive a video message from Johnny but also talk to him on the phone. It was a warm moment describing the type of person Johnny Depp truly. Go follow Corey, he’ll be forever grateful.

Will Johnny Depp return as Captain Jack Sparrow in the movies?

Unintentionally , Johnny Depp sparked rumors of his difficult but potential return to the ‘Pirates of the Caribbeanfranchise. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer Recently pressed about Johnny Depp’s possible return last Tuesday. Although his response was a bit vague, Jerry didn’t close the door on Johnny’s potential return. Keep in mind that when the movie franchise was about to start, Bruckheimer Only agree to do so Johnny Depp Participate in the starring role. Here’s what he said: “We’re still working on it. Nothing final yet but we keep taking small steps to get to a script,” he said. Bruckheimer during an interview with AP.

Despite Depp’s statement not to return during the trial, Disney It could definitely bring him back into the franchise with an enticing show. File a lawsuit on behalf of Jack Sparrow again for thiswish a wishThe event must have brought back fond memories for Johnny. Plus, Bruckheimer He is one of the few people who can convince him to return to the role. should Johnny Depp come back as Captain Jack Sparrow ir ishis his journey as the beloved pirate is over?


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