Nintendo was pressured to compensate Nintendo Switch owners who tried the Joy-Con Drift

If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner who has to pay to replace your drifted Joy-Cons at any time, one consumer group thinks you should be compensated for your troubles and is pressuring Nintendo to do so. A UK group? She said a lot in her report she shared this week that reviewed an analysis of Nintendo’s Joy-Cons, an analysis that saw Which Which? Nintendo recalled what it said was a possible “mechanical error” and “design flaw” affecting the Switch Joy-Cons.

Joy-Con drift is something that’s been happening since the Switch’s launch years ago, and according to the Who?, Nintendo isn’t doing enough to address the problem. The consumer group said it tested five different Joy-Con combinations from users who were drift-testing and ran tests on them. These tests yielded results saying that the mechanisms in place to keep out dust and other contaminants were not working as intended and that there was “noticeable wear at the joystick-slider contacts” of the plastic circuit boards.

Nintendo responded to the findings of Which? By saying that Joy-Con drift only affects a “small” percentage of users and that the company has been improving the Switch’s control scheme since its launch.

“The percentage of Joy-Con controllers reported as having issues with the analog stick in the past is small, and we’ve been making continuous improvements to the Joy-Con joystick since its launch in 2017,” Nintendo said.

“We expect all of our devices to perform as designed, and if anything falls short of that goal, we always encourage consumers to contact Nintendo Customer Support, who will be happy to resolve any consumer issues relating to Joy-Con controllers frankly and leniently” to analog sticks, including In cases where the warranty may not apply.

But this is not enough, which one? He says. The group contacted Nintendo and said that the company should stick to an “unequivocal” repair plan where it would repair or replace faulty consoles for free. Nintendo should also “offer a compensation or refund scheme” for those (in the UK at least) who can prove they have to pay to resolve the Joy-Con drifting issues.

Rocio Concha said, who? Director of Policy and Advocacy.



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