Kang the Conqueror’s final battle would change Marvel forever

The final battle of Kang the Conqueror is poised to change Marvel Comics forever. Khalida She promised some amazing discoveries for the future of the company. (It’s interesting that Jonathan Majors’ villain takes on a lot of prominence in the comics at the right time Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania early next year.) Khalida Preview #1 shows Kang discovering that a variant of him is responsible for the destruction of a knowledge center called Phearthon University. This time, Kang needs the “missing moment”, the second of history that even eludes. Can the villain take home the “greatest prize in history?” Check out some for yourself below.

“Last Battle of Kang the Conqueror! Tyrant of the timeline, master of endless hordes, warrior and conqueror like no other, Kang is searching for the one thing he can’t possess. But he’s not the only one after the lost moment, and Kang soon finds himself in a new location – on the run Across the events of the future of the Marvel Universe!”

Timeless brings major changes to Marvel Comics stories

Jed MacKay spoke to CBR about it Khalidareveals whopper. He said, “Some are very big! Others are more aimed at fans of certain characters, and some are things that will never happen!” KhalidaHowever, the timeline undergoes a major shock and Kang is put in the wonderful position of not knowing what will happen next. Things should be done differently, some just happen as expected, while others are entirely new fabrications of a shaky timeline. There will definitely be a lot to speculate on and some very exciting hints of what’s to come over the next couple of years.”

If that’s enough, MacKay also shared some details of what Kang is up against. He added that “Kang finds himself challenged by a sinister timeline and a segment that fought the inevitable decay that would normally have resolved it and seeks to reconnect himself to the main timeline.” The temporal gravity of this rogue timeline plays hell with the main ti

What do you think the secret will be? Let us know in the comments below!


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