Star Trek Brings Back the Deep Space Nine Challenge

USS Fearless From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine He just appeared for the first time in Star Trek canon since the show’s debut in 1999. spoilers to Star Trek: Miracle Follow-up to the episode “Supernova, Part 1”. In “Supernova, Part 1,” the first half of Star Trek: MiracleAt the end of Season 1, Diviner’s plan comes to fruition. USS protostar He returns to UFC space with the booby trap placed on board the still-intact Vau N’Akat ship. A group of Starfleet ships arrive to meet the ship, playing directly into Diviner’s hands, as well as Vindicator’s.

Starfleet ships begin firing at protostar. The ship does a good job of dodging fire until the USS FearlessStarfleet’s first real warship appears and opens fire. Unfortunately for nearby Starfleet ships, this gives the Living Construct the opportunity to send its signal. Soon all of the nearby Starfleet ships, incl Fearlessshooting at each other, with more responding to distress calls.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Fans will remember the Defiant debuting midway through the show. Benjamin Sisko, who helped design the pilot ship, took command of the ship and took it there deep space 9 To help defend against the emerging Dominion threat. There, she served throughout the Dominion War, but until now, her post-war activities were unknown.

USS Fearless It will be further marked in the future Star Trek: The Challenge Comic book series. The book sees Worf, after a falling out with Sisko, form a defector crew and go rogue with the USS Fearless. The two will clash in the upcoming “Blood Day” crossover.

“Ever since I had my dad take me to the first Star Trek convention when I was 10 years old, I’ve been waiting for this moment,” writer Christopher Cantwell said in a statement. When Heather Antos, Jackson Lanzing, and Colin Kelly approached me about writing the first book to come out of their blockbuster Star Trek title, I wanted the quality to match my sheer enthusiasm; I knew this book had to be, without a doubt, Star Trek first and foremost, but also something new. and an intricate plot that will keep readers leaning forward as they take part in an unexpected journey into the stars.While the new Star Trek book carries on the great traditions of the Starfleet saga of discovery and exploration, Fearless He immediately sets out to break Federation rules and go on the run from Starfleet with a crew of Trek’s best iconic warrior heroes and ne’er-do-wells, each of whom stray into worlds overlapping in their identities and calibrations in their moral compasses. They embark on a high-stakes galactic manhunt.. .direct the damn prime. “

Star Trek: Miracle flowing now Paramount +. The final season will start on Thursday.


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