The Hawkeye Spinoff Echo may be experiencing a major delay on Disney+

at one point, sound echo It was supposed to debut on Disney+ next summer between Secret invasion And the second season of Loki. Then came word from series showrunner Marion Dyer that the project has been delayed, which means it may hit the streaming service in late 2023. Now, it looks like the series may be out of 2023 altogether.

Hidden in the speculative piece of the crew in Murphy’s MultiverseDirected by Charles Murphy, the Alaqua Cox series starring Alaqua Cox is said to debut in “early 2024”. No additional timeframe or months have been revealed though Murphy says it could debut in mid-January and be out by the end of February.

Dayre first revealed the delay on a podcast with Ben Blacker. during the Book board appearance, Dyer said it’s “probably one year from when that came out,” saying that Echo will launch roughly a year after the December edition of the podcast episode in question.

In the same podcast appearance, Dyer revealed that while her time on the Marvel show has been a lot different from other stops in Hollywood, she’s been able to carry around some of the things she’s previously learned from working on it. Better Call Saul.

“YYou kind of do a general sweep break, then we put in some brackets, and then we go back up brick by brick. “There simply wasn’t enough time to do it this way,” she added. “So it was kind of grabbing things, like verbwhich was a limited series on Hulu, which we broke fairly quickly, so we took some of that, you know, and put some tent poles that we were more or less stuck in and altered it the way we did.”

sound echo It has yet to receive a release date from Disney+ during Daredevil: Born Again It is set to reach service in 2024.

What other characters do you think will appear in the series? Let us know your thoughts either in the comments section or by Our writer @AdamBarnhardt even hit Twitter to chat about all things MCU!


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