Blood Origin’s Lawrence O’Voaran says playing the first Witcher was an ‘honor’

The Witcher: Blood Origin reveals what led up to several key moments in the Witcher universe, including the Conjunction of the Spheres. It also reveals who laid the foundation for Gerald and all the other Witchers to be created down the line, and the prototype for these Witchers ended up being the elven warrior Fjall. On the series, Jaskier made a joke that Geralt would be pissed off that a badass elf was the first Witcher, and when had a chance to speak to Fjall actor Laurence O’Fuarain, I wanted to know what it felt like to be the one who unleashed the legacy Witcher in this universe.

“I mean, yeah it is… I keep squeezing myself,” said Oforayn. “I’m a huge fan of Lore and a huge fan of this world, the universe that was created. I definitely push a lot of myself to do it justice because as a fan, I wanted someone to come along, if not me, just to really make sure it’s done right and right and that it’s presented. The care and work he needs.”

“Well, I mean…a dream come true. I mean Fjall…he’s layered in so many different ways and to sacrifice himself in order to transform into the monster we know as the prototype Witcher. Yeah, it was fun to play,” said Oforaine. .

While he enjoyed the experience, it did not come without its challenges. Towards the end, Fjall constantly struggles to keep his anger in check until the time comes to carry out the plan, and it has taken its toll.

“It was tough. There were tough days. I mean, it took an enormous amount of physical fitness just to hold back the kind of anger that was exploding inside of him,” O’Vorain said. “But yeah… I had an amazing animal movement coach. We went through different physiques and worked on them every day and made sure to take great care of the performance. So yeah, I hope people like it, but it was a great dream come true and an honor.”

It remains to be seen how Blood Origin will connect directly to Season 3, but there have certainly been some hints in the finale and post-credits scene. The Witcher: Blood Origin is now available to stream on Netflix.

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