Marvel fans are shooting their most anticipated release of 2023

With the clocks running out on 2022, fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are looking forward to 2023 and beyond. In one of Marvel’s busiest years since the pandemic first shut things down three years ago, fans have had plenty of movies and TVs to choose from… they’re super excited to see next year.

Coincidentally, Fandango released its annual anticipation study earlier this month, with the title Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 most anticipated movie of the year.

“With over a hundred new releases heading to cinemas, fans are excited to see the movies back on the big screen where they belong,” says Eric Davis, Managing Director of Fandango. “The new year promises a huge increase in movies that people want to see in cinemas, from the return of franchises like Indiana Jones, Creed, The Hunger Games And the Mission: Impossibleto the highly anticipated re-imagining of As the little Mermaid And the Haunted Palacefor off-the-wall entertainment eg cocaine beer And the M3gan. 2023 boasts one of the most exciting movie sets in years. “

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