A Super Dragon Ball artist explains how the manga’s superhero arc came to be

Dragon Ball Super will return later this month with a new chapter dealing with the latest Dragon Ball Super: a Super Hero inspired arc, and the artist behind the manga has opened up why a superhero story was chosen for this latest arc! Fans have been anxiously awaiting the past few months after his massive appearance revealed Frieze far more powerful than we’ve seen before, but it turns out the next major arc will step back from that and focus on teenage Trunks and Goten who decide to become local heroes instead.

Opening up about the Super Hero arc of Dragon Ball Supers Manga in an exclusive interview with the series’ official websiteIn Exclaim!, artist Toyotaro revealed that the impetus for this new arc was his desire to focus on a new story on Trunks, the team’s desire for a superhero story, and the desire to make the next arc “smaller and simpler” than what came for Goku and Vegeta before. It all just worked out as this new Super Hero arc seemed to hit at the perfect time for everyone involved.

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“There were a lot of ideas going around for the new story…” and when we met, Toyotaro began [series creator Akira Toriyama] And other staff, we’ve been discussing how Goku and Vegeta have been the main characters for a long time, and the stories are also quite extensive and multi-galactic, so it might be interesting to do something smaller and simpler this time around. But as it turns out, he also wanted to do a story about Trunks.

“I wanted to do a story with Trunks as the main lead before [Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero] The movie was even under discussion,” Toyotaro continued. This is something that interested me. But I didn’t know if it would actually fit into the main story… I mentioned I wanted to do it as a spin-off. I think I mentioned that several years ago. Then, when we were thinking about focusing on someone besides Goku and doing something different, the first thing that came to my mind was my idea for a story about Trunks. I thought maybe this was my chance to finally do it.”

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Elaborating further, Toyotaro explained how all the pieces fell into place soon after, “Then we discussed how it might be a good idea to write a story about superheroes, and we discussed combining that with a story about Trunks. connection to the main narrative, so I worked hard and made several proposals, and then we settled on the story we’re telling now.”

How do you feel about Dragon Ball SuperSuper hero arc yet? What do you hope to see emerge from this new phase of the manga? Let us know all your thoughts on this topic in the comments! You can also reach out to me directly about all things animation and other cool stuff Valdezology on Twitter!


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