New Apex Legends event confirms Legacy leak

Apex Legends The leaks are coming to fruition again with Respawn Entertainment announcing this week the game’s next group event. It was expected that one of these types of events would start around this time, but more importantly, it was expected that the event we now know as the “Spellbound Collection Event” would include new Legacies for players to collect. Leaks have suggested that Heirloom will be a Seer, and thanks to a recent promo for the event, we now know that’s true.

Seer’s legacy has long been leaked with photos of him first appearing online months ago. A trailer and a more detailed preview of Legacy are shown at Apex Legends location Reveal the Seer’s legacy to be a pair of scythe-like, extendable weapons. To match the Seer’s aesthetic, it was decked out in gold, black, and bejeweled accents.

They are called “Showstoppers” and like other legacies in Apex LegendsYou will have to do without it or be exceptionally lucky if you want to add it to your collection. These Showstoppers can only be obtained by unlocking all 24 cosmetics included in the Spellbound Collection event. These cosmetics include the skins of the Seer himself, Mad Maggie, Vantage, and Mirage, as well as weapons such as the Longbow, Flatline, Alternator, and Spitfire. They can be unlocked with either real money or crafting minerals, but you will have to unlock them all if you want the Legacy unless you can unlock some Legacy parts from the Apex Pack.

Aside from this legacy, the event will also bring back Game Control mode, a fan favorite among a selection of limited-time modes that pop up every now and then. There is also a reward tracker for the Spellbound event that will give players a number of cosmetics and accessories such as trackers and badges that can be earned for free by playing the game’s controller mode.

This announcement was accompanied by a brief set of patch notes. This includes things like the G7 Scout and CAR SMG that go crafter while the Spitfire and Peacekeeper come back. You can read through those in full here.


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