Dax Shepard and Gabrielle Union happily remember his multiple failed attempts to prank her for Punk’d MTV

During its heyday in the first decade of the 21st century, Punk’d He built a reputation by pranking Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian using unfathomable scenarios. Most of the outrageous pranks have paid off, leaving the stars in the midst of them mad, sad, or just plain shocked. But not all projects were successful, as it was rumored that some episodes were canceled due to Target figuring things out. One of the people who didn’t fall in love with anything was Gabrielle Union, who was the target of the show on various occasions. And just recently, she and series alum Dax Shepard gleefully recalled the multiple failed attempts.

The big mistakes came when Gabrielle Union was Dax Shepard’s guest Armchair expert Podcast. As mentioned on the show, the host interviewed the actress’ husband — former NBA star Dwyane Wade — in 2022, so they’re definitely familiar with each other. However, the former fatherhood The cast member indicated that they met more than two decades ago. Union could not remember when or where she met him, which leads Shepherd to mention that she is not married Punk’d Episodes:

You are ready for this. You’re the only person in my Punk’d tenure who didn’t fall for the joke [out] Among the 26 people I was involved in pranks. I was the only one who was like, “Hmmm, that’s crap.”

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